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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are core actions for any self-respecting company that wants to succeed in the network and must invest time and money for your website is constantly at the top of any search engine .
SEO is organic positioning of the website using keywords, links, and proper web optimization (HTML validation, friendly interface, original texts, broken links, etc.) in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc . Speaking of SEO is extensive and constantly changing, especially the “search king” Google. The organic SEO takes time but the investment is lower.
The SEM or Search Engine Marketing which also comes as PPC (Pay per Click) or pay per click exist in two categories, the CPC or CPM the first would Cost per Click and Cost Per Millar or every thousand impressions. According to the search engine and the campaign we want to be able to choose , the CPC would be more convenient for our quality visitors to a particular page or our web site, and CPM campaigns to convert more traffic to our website. We can also inlclude SEM in Social SEO mode like CPC mode in Facebook o Linkedin. In SEM we set a budget that can be controlled and the results are usually immediate, as long as the strategy is correct.

SEO Perfect Company

SEO Package


• Search engine rankings through Keywords, Competition and Ranking density.
• Site Settings under Manual SEO (Goals, URL’s friendly, Sitemaps, etc)

• Optimizing Images.

• Creating links (links) and their careful to avoid broken links.
• Creating unique and original texts.

• And so to 75 actions per month.

Will deliver a sossier with all the actions done every month.
Price: From 50$ / month varies according to the complexity of the web.


SEM Package


• Low cost. Campaigns from 500$ month.
• Diary simple fixed and not breaking pricing system to not going over budget.
• Pay as you prefer: transfer, credit card or bank deposit.
• Periodic report so you can control your campaign: Clicks per day, distribution of clicks, more relevant keywords and increased generation of clicks, time of visits, conversion (ROI), etc..

• Campaigns from 500$ to 5.000$ = 10% Campaign Value.
• Campaigns from 5.001$ to 25.000 = 8% Campaign Value.
• Campaigns from $ 25.001$ onwards =  5% Campaign Value.

Package SEO / SEM Mixed


All features of each of the packets and an additional 10%. So for example if you contract a SEO package of 1.000$ and a SEM Package of 30.000$ $ You will get an extra discount of 250$.

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